Heliocol Solar Pool Heating collectors offer state of-the-art-technology using quality fittings and materials engineer-designed to provide you with peace of mind for many years.


All individual risers on Heliocol collectors are fully moulded into the headers during manufacture.  This eliminates the need for hundreds of onsite connections, thus reducing the chance of future leakages from these points.  In addition, every collector undergoes extensive pressure testing in the factory before shipment.


Perhaps the greatest feature of Heliocol is the quantity of tubing able to be installed in a given area.  Because of the over moulding process used in the manufacture of the product, the individual tubes are extremely close together.


This allows Heliocol to provide 137 metres of tubing per square metre of surface area.  To our knowledge no other solar pool heating product in the world achieves anything even close to this figure.  This means a smaller area of collector can provide more tubing.


More Heliocol Features


­— T­he headers and individual tubes are made from the same materials, maintaining the same rate of expansion and contraction for both  -  Important when the equipment is heating up and cooling down several times a day.


— Heliocol collectors are manufactured from UV stabilized Polypropylene. Nothing adheres to polypropylene, eliminating scale buildup on the insides of the tubes.


— The collectors are fully self supporting over a distance of up to 500mm, meaning there is no sagging of tubes between the ribs on the roof.  Also because the collectors sit on top of the ribs or spacers there is no moisture build up on the roof.


— Heliocol collectors are fastened securely to the roof using patented mounting pads. This unique mounting system eliminates the need for overstrapping and requires fewer roof penetrations.


— Patented panel clamps replace old-style rubber hoses and metal clamps that require rooftop maintenance and replacement. The clamps also allow collectors to be installed closer together for a more efficient system.


— Heliocol collectors have a working pressure to 600kpa, a burst pressure to 1800kpa and are temperature rated to 270 degrees centigrade.


— The collectors have been engineered to ensure minimum pressure drops across the array. The cross sectional area of the tubes in a panel is greater than the cross sectional area of the header pipe that feeds them. This allows for smaller pumping size.


— Heliocol is the world’s largest manufacturer of solar pool collectors and has been in existence since 1977.

Heliocol Solar Pool Heating Rooftop Diagram
Heliocol Mounting Pad

Heliocol panels are secured to the roof using patented mounting pads.

Heliocol Panel Clamp

Heliocol collectors are joined together with our own patented panel clamps. Other manufacturers use old-style rubber hoses and metal clamps that require regular rooftop maintenance and replacement.

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