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When evaluating your solar pool heating requirements, we know you want value for money. SunValue Solar Pool Heating offers great value because it comes from the world’s largest supplier of solar pool heating. It also comes with the right quality and the best backup. And yet, can still be installed for your enjoyment at an extremely competitive price.


Unlike some other solar pool heating, SunValue Solar is manufactured for your long term enjoyment by taking care of the important details during manufacturing. Details like true over-moulded factory connections between the headers and riser tubes, (not simply low pressure push fittings by an installer or rubber hoses and metal hose clamps).


In addition, SunValue panels are installed utilizing exclusive mounting hardware that securely fastens the system on the roof without over strapping. No need for protector sheets underneath the panels either. We suggest you ask to see samples of our system and compare for yourself.


SunValue Solar will provide you with the performance you want for an extended swim season; the quality you need to ensure you’re always happy with your decision; and yet it won’t break the budget. SunValue Solar is everything in one package that all adds up to VALUE – something we could all enjoy a little more of.

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