Solar is particularly well accepted for the heating of swimming pools. Firstly, a solar pool heating system has no running costs (other than the circulating pump), and secondly, a good quality solar pool heating system is an extremely durable product with a very long, trouble free life.


Electric heat pumps and gas pool heaters can provide year-round swimming in any type of weather. When combined with a solar pool heater, heat pumps and gas pool heaters can be very cost effective.


A more comfortable pool temperature for more months of the year means much more use and enjoyment for the entire family.


A solar pool heating system can double your swim season, using free, renewable energy direct from the sun. For the coldest months, consider an electric heat pump or a gas pool heater and enjoy year-round swimming, no matter the weather outdoors.

More Comfortable Swimming Temperatures Year Round
Heliocol Residential Solar Pool Heating Sunwave Pool Heat Pump for Residential Pools

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Heliocol Pool Covers


No matter how you heat your pool water, a pool cover will keeps the warmth right where you want it - in the pool water. A pool blanket acts as a barrier between the colder air and the warmer pool water. Acting as an insulator the cover stops the natural process of hot and cold attracting each other commonly known as convection.

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