When renovating or building a new pool, a little forethought can make it easy to add solar pool heating at a later date.


Whilst in the planning process, ask your pool builder to install the solar provisions listed below.


Pipe 1 - Suction


In the wall of the pool closest to the pump, install two safety suction points, 1.2 m apart and approximately 300mm deep. Join these two points together with a tee junction behind the wall of the pool. Now run a single pipe to where the pump for the solar will be located (for larger pools we recommend this be a 50mm pipe. Also if this pipe runs uphill we recommend a good quality check valve be installed to assist with priming.) Leave this suction line capped off next to the pump location.


Pipe 2 - Flow Line From Pump to Solar

(if pump is located away from house)


This line can be installed at a later stage when the solar is being installed. However, it may be more convenient for the pool owner if all provisions are installed initially rather than having to trench / cut paths / lift pavers at a later date. Also a length of 20mm conduit with draw wire needs to be installed with the pipe in the ground from the pump to the house, in order to cater for the solar probe (to be mounted on the roof).


Pipe 3 - Return Line to Pool


Run the return line from the house back to the pool with a single eyeball return installed in the wall of the pool on the opposite side to the two suction points. Install the eyeball approximately 600mm below waterline. If the solar return line comes off the roof further along the wall of the house it may be easier and shorter to run the return line directly to the pool from that point, rather than come via the pump location.


For further information on Solar Provisions or any of your other solar pool heating enquiries, contact your nearest Heliocol Specialist. We can even visit and provide advice before pool construction commences.

Adding Solar to a New Pool?
Solar Pool Heating Schematic

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