As appeared in Pool Mart Magazine, August 2012

If there's one subject that gets everyone's attention, it's the debate on reducing energy use in the home. Without doubt, consumption costs will increase as we seek alternatives, with solar energy topping the list.


I've introduced various energy saving products in the past - three-speed pumps, heat pumps, solar blankets and covers - but with those benefits well established, you can see that solar heating can extend the season considerably by working in tandem with them.


We have more sun exposure than just about anywhere. Imagine if we could harness that energy and put it into the pool. You get more pool enjoyment and there's no big price to pay for the benefit once it's installed.


Heliocol Solar, and in particular the latest SunX Solar system, introduces a premium quality product with substantially more heating benefit than has been previously available. It's a great choice with a unique panel system and an unbelievable 25 year warranty; a big consideration when choosing to go solar. We're proud to be associated with a heating system that has proven over the years to be reliable and durable. That says it all for us, so if you're serious about heating your pool the cost-effective way, then give us a call or pop in and we'll tell you more about Heliocol - the word's leading solar system.

Heliocol in Pool Mart Magazine

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