As appeared in Pool and Outdoor Design Magazine, 2012

A high quality, solar pool heating system will enhance the experience of owning a swimming pool. Enjoy your own "solar experience", with the world's leading solar pool heating system, Heliocol Solar Pool Heating.


A more comfortable pool temperature for more months of the year means much more use and enjoyment for the entire family. Early morning swims, children growing in confidence as they learn to swim, personal quiet time for parents and even late night swims are all part of the "Heliocol Solar Experience."


Heliocol Solar Pool Heating collectors are manufactured from high quality UV stabilised polypropylene, ensuring an extremely long life. The special polypropylene formula used in Heliocol Solar Pool Heating collectors is known for its high levels of performance and resistance to UV.


In addition, Heliocol Solar Pool Heating collectors are unique in that all of the individual riser tubes are fully moulded into the manifolds during manufacture. This eliminates the need for hundreds of on-site connections, reducing the installation workload and reducing the chance of future leakages from these points.


Heliocol Solar Pool Heating has launched SunX, a revolutionary new solar pool heating product, which is the "hottest" solar pool heating collector ever made by the company. Heliocol Solar Pool Heating extrudes its individual collector tubes right inside a special lifetime glazing material. This glazing significantly increases the performance of the solar pool collector while reducing solar radiation refraction during the colder months of the year.


This allows more solar heating during these typically colder months where traditional solar would not contribute energy to the pool. The new and revolutionary SunX product is now available exclusively from your nearest Heliocol Solar Pool Heating dealer.


Heliocol Solar Pool Heating's superior design features have made it the chosen product of many specifiers, pool industry professionals, commercial pool operators and thousands of residential swimming pool owners.


The company has been manufacturing from the same factory since 1977 and has grown to become the world's largest manufacturer of solar pool collectors. It was also the first solar pool heating manufacturer anywhere in the world to be certified as complying with ISO9001-2008 Standard.

Helicol Solar Article in Pool and Outdoor Design Magazine

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