Commercial Pool Operators can reduce their pool heating costs by the installation of a Heliocol solar pool heating system. In fact, a Heliocol Commercial Solar Heating System can pay for itself with a ROI within three years.


With low running costs (just the power for a circulating pump) and no maintenance costs, the savings on gas or heat pump running costs will very easily be quite substantial over the system’s 20+ year life span. And the best news of all for pool operators is the solar system doesn’t have to replace their existing system. Heliocol solar works in conjunction with an existing gas or heat pump system, so pool operators have the best of both worlds:


1. A solar system providing free heat to their pool, and

2. Year round swimming with constant pool temperatures from their gas or heat pump system.

Green Meadows Community Pool

Not all commercial pools are the same, with a variety of gas boilers, heat pumps and heat exchangers, together with varying filtration equipment and control mechanisms being used. However, the procedure for installing a Heliocol solar system is usually quite simple.


If the pool was originally built with separate suction and return lines in preparation for a secondary heating system, Heliocol’s solar design and installation technicians will use these lines. This keeps the solar system on its own plumbing circuit making control and operation easier.


If separate lines were not provided, the solar system will connect into the existing filtration lines; drawing water from after the filter, pumping this water to the solar panels, and returning the now heated water to the filtration lines prior to the any sanitation equipment. An electronic controller (like a thermostat) will control when the water is pumped to the solar panels. This maximises the heat transfer to the pool water as and when required, and turns the flow off during low solar gain periods. It also turns the solar off when the pool water reaches the pre set maximum temperature so the pool is not over heated.


If required, this same controller can also control the gas or heat pump systems to ensure the best possible energy savings, whilst still ensuring comfortable temperatures for hotel guests during low solar gain times such as the middle of winter.


Many operators of commercial pools are also becoming aware of the potential of a well designed solar pool heating system to decrease their carbon footprint by lowering their fossil fuel consumption. Not only does it make good economic sense to decrease the use of non-renewable fuels, it demonstrates tremendous environmental responsibility.


Just as commercial appliances such as dishwashers, coffee makers and ice machines come in a variety of types, qualities and with differing reputations and guarantees; so too does solar pool heating. If Commercial Pool owners are considering investing in a solar system for their pool, they should investigate things like:

The types of material used (plastic, rubber or polypropylene)


The quality of that product, together with its warranty period


The method of product manufacture and installation


The quantity of product required to produce

the amount of energy needed


The experience of the designer and the installer


The reputation of the supplier and the manufacturer

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