Apart from differences such as warranty and methods of installation, the quantity of material in square metres often quoted by suppliers can be confusing.

Three different areas to consider:

1. Metres of tubing per square metre of surface area.

Metres of Tubing in Solar Pool Collector

Unused space between competitor panel tubes.

Solar Pool Heating Panel Comparison

2. Wetted surface area per square metre of horizontal area.

Wetted Surface Area Solar Pool Collector

Heliocol tubes are placed much closer together for greater efficiency, generating more

energy per square metre.

3. Volume of water per square metre of horizontal surface area.

Volume Per Metre Solar Pool Collector

The above figures demonstrate that whilst many systems are sold by the square metre and as a ratio of pool area, products do vary in quality and quantity.


In summary, a square metre of one product is not the same as a square metre of another.

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